Preparing For Pride: A Hopefully Helpful Guide!

Ah yes – Pride, the Christmas for the LGBTQ+ community. But like any big event (like Christmas or birthdays), preparation needs to be done (which sounds boring I know, but it does make the day just that more special and enjoyable). Whether it’s your first Pride event or not, here’s a hopefully helpful guide on what you should bring to your local Pride event. 

Firstly, bring lots of water – this is because Pride events are held in the summertime (this is because June is Pride Month, and the actual parade is held on the 18th of July). There is also, unsurprisingly, lots of physical activity (e.g. dancing, walking in the actual parade, etc) – so this obviously means that you need to keep hydrated (for this, I would advise that you bring your own water, as it saves both money and time, plus, you won’t have to waste precious time queuing in a line when you COULD be spending time with friends and enjoying the event). 

Which leads me nicely to my next point – bring a sensible pair of shoes. Yes, high heels will make you FABULOUS DARLING, but remember that you will spend all day (and/or night), on the ground. For this, I would recommend bringing some trainers for when you a). no longer want to wear your heels, for example, or b). want to change after seeing an act and want to walk home in something more sensible, for example. 

Thirdly, you should bring your appetite – but since I live in Bristol (which is located in England, which is in the United Kingdom), I can’t recommend anything that is outside the UK (e.g. San Diego). But when I went to Pride in 2017, there were plenty of food stalls, so there were plenty of options food-wise. Oh, and here’s a side note: bring some cash! It’s a great chance to figure out which companies (food-related or not) support the community, so this is the best way to learn! 

Now, these two points are both weather-related, so I’m gonna make them one point- bring sun cream and a raincoat or umbrella. Yes, I understand that you want to look you best for the event, but you also don’t want to look sunburnt by the end of the day. I would recommend applying your sunscreen 15 mins before going out, then every two hours after that. 

Besides, I would also recommend bringing a raincoat and/or umbrella. Simply put, if the weather goes south, these will help you a). not get your pride look ruined, and, most importantly, b). stay dry. But honestly, I would recommend bringing both sunscreen and a raincoat, just to be on the safe side. 

Which, again, leads nicely to my next point – bring a sensibly sized bag. Not only will this help you carry all the sensible equipment that you are hopefully going to bring (right?), it will also help you bring back all of the free stuff you might get (yay, free stuff!)

 Another thing that I recommend you bring is your friends! This will mean that your day will be extra special, so gather your favorite people and hopefully create some fabulous memories that will last a lifetime. Whether they be allies or a part of the LGBTQ+ community, it’s important to spend it with your close friends (and hey, you might even make some new friends on the day!

You should bring your Pride Flags! No matter your sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression, Pride is an event make for YOU (and surprisingly, ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ aren’t the only two letters, so show off YOUR identity with Pride!) I would also recommend that you bring/make pronoun badges, so that gender isn’t assumed. So no matter what your colors are, show them off with Pride!  

Besides, you should also wear your most colorful outfit, which is something I forgot to do when I went to my first pride (but don’t worry, I’ll try harder next July!) – but don’t worry, this is completely optional. But on a more serious note, how many opportunities do you get to cover yourself with glitter? None. 

So don’t hold back, and maybe get creative! Whatever you are into (be it makeup or DIY projects), now is the time to show off your creative pride endeavors that you have been working on all year – side note! Make sure you take plenty of pictures to either post on your photography blog, Flickr, or Instagram!  

Now, providing that you have followed all of these steps, I would also recommend making a pride-themed playlist (or multiple!) – this will ensure that you are all pumped up for the event. Picture this; you’ve saved yourself plenty of time to walk either drive to the Pride event in your area, but you won’t get yourself hyped for the event, so what do you do? You blast out your homemade Pride Playlist of course!

Finally, but, most importantly, bring your sense of pride – what I mean by this is your sense of pride in yourself, your friends and family, your partners (or partners), and your community. Have pride in how far the LGBTQ+ has come, and all the amazing things it has achieved. This day is for you, so enjoy it!

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