The History of the Agender Flag & What It Represents


Agender flag
The Agender Flag


Agender is gender identity which means that means they live with, ‘without gender’. The term can be a non-binary gender identity or its own gender identity which aims to make the statement that they live without gender; people who identify as agender may describe themselves as one or more of the following:

  • Genderless or lacking gender
  • Gender-neutral. This may mean that they identify as neither a man or a woman. 
  • Neutrois or neutrally gendered.
  • Deciding not to label their identity 
  • Having no other words that describe their gender identity 

Some agender people also identify as genderqueernon-binary and/or transgender. However, some may avoid these terms, especially the term transgender, because it implies that they identify as a gender other than their assigned gender, while they don’t identify as any gender.  

The agender flag was created in 2014 and has several stripes. The black and white stripes represent a lack of gender, the green stripe represents a non-binary gender because green is an inverse of purple, which, in the genderfluid flag, which represents both masculinity and femininity. 

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