My Favourite LGBTQ+ Youtubers

YouTube has helped immensely when I was questioning my gender and sexuality,  and so, to honor the YouTubers who helped me figure all of it out, I’m going to share my favourite LGBTQ+ content creators – obviously this will be based on the people who I’m subscribed to, so if I missed anyone out, it’s most likely due to the fact that I don’t watch them. 

  • Ash Hardell: Ash was the first LGBTQ+ creator I watched, so they obviously have a special place in my heart – but it was thanks to him that I discovered that I am both bisexual and non-binary.  She’s bubbly, informative, and as a media student, their videos are always pleasing and aesthetically nice to watch.  
  • Ashton Daniel: Is a transmasculine YouTuber who talks about his transition, trans rights and mental health issues – their videos on mental health are interesting because it helps destigmatize mental health, and his trans-related videos offer an interesting perspective. 
  • Aaron Asuini: Is a trans creator from Montreal, Canada, who talks about trans and sexuality topics, as well as disability and mental health stuff – especially how those identities may intersect, so it’s definitely interesting to hear a trans experience which is different to mine. 
  • doddleoddle: A bi musician from London, doddleoddle both makes music on her main channel (doddleoddle) and vlogs on her side channel (doddlevloggle) – she also talks about her experiences with mental health, which is great because it helps destigmatize it. 
  • ElleoftheMills: ElleoftheMills is another Canadian YouTuber who is also bi -and has made two coming out related videos. And like Ash Hardell, her videos are always well-edited and nice to watch. 
  • realisticallysaying: Another non-binary YouTuber from Canada, realisticallysaying makes videos from vlogs to Gin-terviews (gin + interviews) – basically, it’s nice to have another non-binary content creator to watch. 
  • GenderQueeries with Olliver: A relatively small content creator, Olliver is a non-binary bisexual, like myself, which is great because it validates my identity, which, in turn, makes for some great representation. Honestly, I couldn’t ask for anything more! 
  • You’re So Brave: A podcast run by Aaron Asuini and Chase Ross and is run on both YouTube, Soundcloud, and iTunes. The podcast talks about a variety of topics, both LGBTQ+ related and not – it’s also hilarious and insightful, and is especially useful when I’m doing an online course. 
  • Stevie Boebi: Talks about lesbian sex education and advice in an informal, but enthusiastic way – this is great because lesbian sex can be a tricky topic to talk about, so having a person talk about it so openly is great. 
  • Riley J. Dennis: Is an American YouTuber living in Australia who makes videos about – intersectional feminism, leftist politics, and whatever else she wants. The channel definitely when dealing with different political issues, and I always feel more educated after watching their videos. 

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