Labels: My Sexuality, Gender & What They Mean to Me.

I personally like labels – they give me a sense of community and security, but I can completely understand why labels can be unappealing – they can restricting, which can lead to people making assumptions. So I wanted to write about what my labels – non-binary and bisexual, mean to me. But please bear in mind that my definitions may differ from yours, but that’s perfectly OK because it shows more diversity within the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Bisexuality is typically defined as being sexually or romantically attracted to both males and females – and while I’m definitely fit this definition, my definition of ‘bisexual’ means that I’m sexually attracted to multiple genders – while this could make me pansexual, I personally prefer the term bisexual because simply put, I find the term more comforting. Its also nice to see that my definition of bisexuality has evolved over time as I’ve gotten older – because when I was 16, I did use the classic definition of bisexual (attracted to men and women) – not because I was transphobic, but simply because I wasn’t aware of non-binary identities. 

Which leads me nicely to my gender identity – non-binary and possibly transmasculine.  Now, I’ve only been identifying as non-binary since I was 18, so I’m still figuring everything, but I have a vague idea of what it means to me – but what I do know is that I like the pronouns they/them/ theirs, though I’m currently questioning if I’m actually transmasculine non-binary- so I’m questioning if he/him pronouns may also be appropriate for me. This means that I identify as non-binary, meaning that I don’t identify with being male or female, but I may want to express myself in a more ‘masculine’ way (bear in mind that biological sex, gender identity, and gender expression are different). 




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