6 Hopefully Helpful Trans Self Care Tips

Self-care is important, no matter who you are – but it’s especially crucial if you are in any minority group or activist. Whilst it’s important to be an activist for whatever cause you feel passionate about, whether it be LGBTQ+ rights, feminism etc, taking time for yourself is important – so here are some tips for when you are burned out from positively changing the world!

  1. Check-in with your Emotions: Be aware of your feelings and see how you are feeling that particular day – if you’re not up for being an activist that day, take them off to run a nice bath, read a book or watch your favorite T.V. show (or rewatch it, whatever floats your boat!) 
  2. Unplug: This can be challenging, especially in the digital age – but if things seem to be overwhelming, or especially toxic, then take some time to unplug. This could include venting to your friends over social media, go for a walk – or better yet, stroking your pet/pets! Basically, take some time to recharge and preserve your mental health. 
  3. Find other ways to Fill your Time: This could include doing another activity you enjoy – like baking, sewing etc. This will hopefully make you feel more relaxed and take you out of your current mood. 
  4. Reflect and Improve if needed: Think of all the positive things you’ve for the trans community – this could be from going to a protest, or as simple as signing a petition. But remember to take a step back if needed – this could include maybe thinking about individuals with intersecting identities (e.g. try considering trans disabled/neurodivergent people, or trans people of color etc) – you could do this by simply retweeting their opinions and amplifying their voices. 
  5. Follow other trans / enby people: There are so many good social media accounts who are promoting the rights of the trans community – this could be used as a form of self-care because finding a group of likeminded people will give you a sense of belonging and community to the movement. 
  6. Explore Your Identity: This could include exploring or experimenting with your gender expression or gender identity (which are two completely different things) – or you could try a new hobby, or finding a community that suits your current or new interest, be it online or real life. 

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