7 Things I LOVE About being Nonbinary & Transmasculine

I love being nonbinary and transmasculine, so I thought I would list 7 things I love about my gender, because I wanted to blog about something positive, and mostly because I want to remind myself that yes, dysphoria sucks, but you can and will have good days.  However, I do understand that some can’t, or have no desire to – come out as trans / enby etc – and to you, I say that you are still valid and belong in the trans community if you so wish. 

  1. The Flags I Use: Have you seen the nonbinary and transmasculine flags?! I honestly think that they are some of the best-designed flags (as well as the bisexual flag, of course). The color schemes work really well, and I just generally like how they look. 
  2. Choosing My Name: Despite typing ‘gender-neutral names’ on the internet, choosing my name has been one of my favorite parts of my trans journey – not that I dislike my old name, it’s just that it didn’t feel right, but the name ‘Casey‘ does. 
  3. The Community: I know that there is discourse within the community, but I’m going to take the optimistic stance and say that the majority of us are welcoming, wonderful, valid individuals who will represent the community in a positive light. Remember that everyone has the right to express themselves how they want, and as long as you are not harming anyone, you are welcome.
  4. Finding what makes me Euphoric: I already have three things that make me feel euphoric – people using my pronouns (he/him and they/them), wearing typically masculine clothing (e.g. flannel tops, trousers) – and most recently, rediscovering how much I like having short hair. But other things could give me gender euphoria, but for now, those three things give me a sense of joy. 
  5. They feel right: At the moment, the terms nonbinary and transmasculine feel right – but I understand that labels are fluid and can change over time. But for now, these are the words I use to articulate my gender and how I express it, and that honestly feels amazing
  6. Empowerment: I feel empowered with these labels – because I don’t have to live up to people’s expectations of what gender should be. This is very rewarding because I can renavigate what gender is, as well as possible define what being masculine means to me – I currently don’t have an answer to that, and perhaps I never will, but it’s fun to ponder. 
  7. Freedom: As well as empowerment, I also feel a sense of freedom with these labels – especially with the term ‘transmasculine.’ I get to decide what items of clothing are ‘masculine’ etc. I also get to decide what I get to look like as a nonbinary person, which is freeing and liberating. 

Below are the two flags that I use – I hope you like them as much as I do! 

File:Nonbinary flag.svg - Wikimedia Commons
The Nonbinary Flag
Trans Man / Transmasculine (1) by Pride-Flags on DeviantArt
The Transmasculine Flag

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