My Favourite LGBTQ+ Songs

I enjoy listening to music – so I wanted to share some of my favorite bisexual / LGBTQ+ songs and musicians, in hopes that I will introduce you to an artist/song that you maybe had never of heard of! I’ll also provide links to my Pride Playlist and Bi Culture playlist, as well as my Dysphoria survival playlist when I publish this! 

Additionally, sometimes I wouldn’t be able to just one song from one artist (because I’m bi and can’t choose to save a life) – but I will try to provide a valid reason why I choose each song. Or I’ll just say that the song is a bop – which is equally as valid as giving an in-depth reason. 

  • ‘In the Middle’ / ‘Her’ (by Dodie): Dodies name may sound familiar because I mentioned her on my list of favorite YouTubers, but I wanted to mention Dodie again because she is just so talented. ‘In the Middle‘ is simply a bop, whilst ‘Her‘ captures what it’s like to have internalized homophobia/biphobia etc when it comes to having a crush on a girl. 
  • ‘Boys / Girls (by Torrey Mercer): Another bisexual musician, Torrey has produced my favorite bisexual anthem – ‘Boys / Girls’ – I just can’t help but sing along to this absolute bop. 
  • ‘Girls / Girls / Boys’ (by Panic! At the Disco): Another song I consider to be a ‘bisexual anthem’, I just had to choose this song because it’s from my favorite Panic! album (‘Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die‘), and because simply put, I just really like the song. It’s also my third favorite bisexual anthem. 
  • ‘Nvr Pass’ / ‘Gender is Boring’ (by She / her / hers): This song reminds me that I don’t need to ‘pass‘ to be nonbinary/transmasculine because there is no wrong way to be these labels. Additionally, ‘Gender is Boring‘ is also a mood – the gender binary of man/woman is boring, and gender rules are also boring – so basically the whole concept of gender is dull. 
  • ‘You Can’t Tell Me (I’m Not a Man’) / ‘Pink & Blue’ (by Jake Edwards): Another musician and YouTuber, these two songs about gender, and I love them for different – the first helps me so much with my dysphoria because it reminds me that I’m masculine enough and that I am a real transmasculine person – plus I just like how the guitar sounds. And with ‘Pink & Blue’ it reminds me that gender is a rainbow, and I choose/use whatever colors I want – but that monologue is awesome
  • ‘Rebel Rebel – 2016 Remastered Version’ (by David Bowie): This has to be the favourite Bowie song – ever. I like it because of the  gender-bending lyrics, especially with the line, ‘She’s not sure if your a boy or a girl.’ So I consider this song a classic nonbinary anthem. 
  • ‘True Trans Soul Rebel’ / ‘Transgender Dysphoria Blues’ (by Against Me!): I was introduced to Against Me! by Ashton Daniel, a trans-YouTuber, and these were the two songs I first listened to – I love how they both sound, and they both help when I’m feeling dysphoric. 
  • ‘They / Them / Theirs’ (song by Worriers): Like with Against Me! I love how this song sounds, and I love the line, ‘you are floating between two lines that don’t matter‘ – which could refer to the gender binary and how it doesn’t matter. Plus, it’s just a good jam. 
  • ‘Real Man’ (by Katastrophe): I just love the beat to this song, as well as the short opening monologue to the song, plain and simple. 
  • I’m Coming Out’ (by Diana Ross): A classic pride anthem, I would recommend playing this at Pride, or if you are thinking of telling the world about your gender and/or sexuality. Plus, I love how upbeat the song is. 
  • ‘Gettin’ Bi’ (song by Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast): If you want to talk about upbeat songs, please listen to this song. Simply put, I love the pure bisexual energy this song has, and it’s my second favorite bisexual anthem. 
  • ‘Girl or Boy (Live)’ (song by Dani Shay): I. Love. This. Song. It discusses how gender is thrust upon us, from the perspective of someone who ‘doesn’t get it’, and how it affects kids. Plus I love the guitar in this song. 
  • ‘Daughter’ (by Ryan Casstra): I like this song because I feel as though this is how my parents see me – as their daughter (which sucks, because I’m not a girl). And like ‘Girl or Boy’, I like how the guitar sounds in this song, and how upbeat it is. 

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