Be Gone, Chest Dysphoria!

My chest binder should be hopefully coming tomorrow! Which will mean that some of my dysphoria will be alleviated – anyone who knows me knows that I never shut up about my chest dysphoria. I am more excited than nervous about chest binding, I’m now 100% sure that this will be the right thing to do (for me at least) – moreover, I’m also excited because it’ll bring me more gender euphoria than dysphoria (though having dysphoria isn’t a requirement for being trans).

Obviously, this will be a stepping stone which will help me decide if top surgery is the right choice for me. But, if I do decide to get top surgery, then there would be a list of things I would want to do post – op. But if you are pre – op, or are thinking about if binding your chest is right for you, please know that whatever choice you decide to go with, you are 100% valid! 

Though in terms of wearing it, I plan to maybe wear it around the house in order to get used to it, then maybe – just maybe – wear it in public. If I do decide to wear it in public, I  plan on wearing it to Freedom (an LGBTQ+ youth group in the UK) – though unfortunately I can’t wear it to choir because it’ll restrict my breathing. I’ll also remember to stretch lots. 

I just wanted to write and post this because it is some very exciting news that I want to share, as it will improve my body confidence, as well as help with my gender expression. It’ll help with my gender expression because it will, hopefully, help me feel more masculine. But I’m sooo excited about getting my gc2b binder, because it’s something that I’ve wanted to do. I will also try and post a picture of myself on social media when my binder comes tomorrow, so you all will be able to see it. 

 Though I am over the moon about binding, it has been a bit difficult to stay 100% positive and patiently waiting for my chest binder to arrive – I’ve been waiting a while for it to arrive, so for it to be so close is almost unbearable.  However, I am nervous about taking it off afterwards, and I know that my chest dysphoria will come back afterwards, so that’ll suck. 

But overall,  I know I have to be patient for my chest binder  to arrive. 


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