Trans / Nonbinary Body Positivity: You Are Valid & Enough

Feeling confident in your body is crucial – regardless of your gender, race etc. But I want to talk about trans and enby body positivity specifically – because of a). I’ve got a binder, and b). because I wanted to spread some positivity! I know dysphoria can be rough, so I wanted to spread some much-needed love to any trans / nonbinary person who may need it – or if you need a reminder that your body is super rad! So whether you are fat, tall, thin, disabled, short, etc. are all qualities in line with being nonbinary and trans. 

Firstly, your label? 100% real and valid – yes, even that lesser-known label! As long as you are happy with the label that you currently use, then you have my support. I say currently use because you found a label that fits better – because that’s also valid! But also remember that even if you choose not to label yourself, you are valid – and if you use multiple labels, that’s also fine! Speaking of labels, even if you are unsure of what labels to use, take your time – there’s no rush! Gender identity is super complex and you are allowed to change your mind over time. 

Also, your gender expression? Super valid and dammn, you look good! If you feel cute and euphoric, then wear it! Don’t let anyone gatekeep what you can and cannot wear – and that means you can go against what the mainstream media expects of trans and nonbinary people look like if that’s your jam! But if you feel as though you want to fall into these stereotypes, then please, go ahead! Just don’t be a jerk! Just remember – no matter how you express your gender identity, you look – cool, amazing and extremely rad! Plus you deserve that cute piece of clothing! 

Furthermore, what you’re doing with your body? It’s ok – it’s your body, you should do whatever you want with it. Whether you decide to bind your chest, take HRT, or get surgery or not – your body is right for you and is your real body. Don’t let anyone define or control your body — because it is yours! If you are trans and have not decided to physically transition for whatever valid reason, that’s ok – your body is still cute, and you are still the gender you say you are.  Just remember that there is no wrong way to have a nonbinary body, and there is absolutely no rulebook on how to look nonbinary. 

Secondly, the name you so carefully picked out? It suits you so well – and it’s your real name! As long as you like it – keep it! But if you find another name that suits you better, then go ahead – you aren’t harming anyone for trying on multiple names in order to find the perfect one! Speaking of names – go wild! It’s also perfectly ok to name yourself after someone you look up to, or your favourite fictional character. Again, take your time and remember that you are allowed to change. 

Thirdly, your pronouns? Awesome! I will try my best to use them! Even if you can’t use them for safety reasons, please know that these are your real pronouns and that the people who misgender you are jerks. Just remember that anyone can use any pronouns they want! They/them or he /him lesbians for example? 100% real and valid! Yes – you can even be nonbinary and use typically binary pronouns – because gender expression doesn’t equate to gender identity!

Your definitions of yourself are what makes the real you. Always.

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