Happy Bi Awareness Month!

15th annual Bi Pride Day to be celebrated worldwide - National LGBTQ Task Force

September is bisexual awareness month – and Bi Visibility Day is every 23 September (since 1999). So I just wanted to write a post about why I’m so proud to be a bisexual nonbinary person. But firstly, I want to provide a brief history of Bi visibility day at least. The day, also known as International Celebrate Bisexuality Day, has existed since each year since 1999 to highlight biphobia (both within the LGBTQ+ community and outside the community) and to help people find the bisexual community. 

Firstly, and in terms of politics I’m revolutionary just by existing. Unfortunately, people still recognise that bisexuality isn’t a legitimate sexual / romantic orientation – even in a mostly socially progressive political climate. Despite this, it’s really awesome being a bisexual – refusing to ‘pick a side’ or conform to peoples stereotypical expectations of what it is to be bisexual. Which is why I’m so proud to be both bisexual and nonbinary – because it means I can redefine what it means to be bisexual – because bisexuality isn’t binary (as in, anyone of any gender can be bisexual). 

Speaking of my attraction, I also love being bisexual because I never have to question my sexuality because I’m attracted to them. My bisexuality includes all genders, and while this technically makes me pansexual rather than bisexual, I prefer the term bi – so scoping out that attractive guy / girl / nonbinary  person should be easy – providing I don’t have a bisexual panic because of how attractive that person is. In addition, I can pursue a relationship with anyone you think is rad, regardless of gender. But if you’re going to take anything from this, I find people attractive. 

Furthermore, I know that I can’t assume someone’s orientation just by who they’re dating. This is because of straight / gay passing – which basically means a couple appears to be straight / gay relationship (e.g. A girl dating a girl isn’t always a lesbian. A man dating a woman isn’t necessarily straight). But one of those people could identify as something else (e.g. bisexual, acesxual, nonbinary). So when you have these unnecessary assumptions about someones relationship based on how you perceive them (and maybe on a regular basis), you can work on becoming a positive role model that inspires others.  

Bisexual Pride Flag 3 x 5 ft – Little Sister's Book & Art ...
The bisexual flag 

On a more positive note, another reason I love being bisexual is the flag. The flag consists of  pink (on the top), purple (in the middle), and blue (at the bottom) – which, if you ask me, is one of the best flag colour combinations (besides the design of the nonbinary flag). Personally, I love the design of both my flags because I just think the colours work well together. Furthermore, I really enjoyed researching the history of the bisexual flag and what each colour on the flag represents. 

In addition, I absolutely adore bi culture. This isn’t to be confused with the negative stereotypes surrounding bisexual people (or anyone attracted to multiple genders). This refers to positive things that are associated bisexual people do – e.g. finger guns, the band Green Day (Billy Joe Armstrong is a gigantic bi), and the cherax pulcher.

New ‘Galaxy’ Crayfish Discovered In Indonesia Has A Nebula ...
 The Cherax Pulcher 





Nonbinary Pan Combo by Pride-Flags on DeviantArt
bisexual / nonbinary  flag combination




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