Happy #NationalComingOutDay Everyone!

Every year, the 11th of September marks National coming out Day – a day where people can, hopefully, come out of the closet. Now, I’ve written a post about the history of coming out and my advice and my coming out story before, so think of this as a yearly reminder of sorts?

I am a bisexual, nonbinary (they/them pronouns ONLY) person – because yes, bisexuality isn’t binary. Though recently I’ve come to like the term ‘Diamoric’ – which is a term used by some nonbinary people to describe their orientation which doesn’t fit typical gender attraction, so it’s a term for strictly #nonbinary identifying people! (I also wrote about it on my blog – so check it out if you want to find out more  here).

As you may have seen on my Twitter, I’ve started bind chest again as pre #NationalComingOutDay (Also I’ve forgotten how much I love my @gc2bapparel binder – but at the same time, I’m aware of the privilege I have). This is because I was lucky enough to have a lovely cousin who lives in America, which meant that I could start binding my chest on the 22nd of March 2019 – so thank you, Emily. 

But I wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge the privilege I have as I have accepting parents, friends and other family members – so I’m also lucky that I was in a situation where I could come out safely. But if you are in this situation, hang in there – and as cliche, as this sounds – it does get better, trust me. 

As anyone who doesn’t want to come out, that’s also fine – you aren’t ‘any less’ apart of the LGBTQ+ community because you choose not to be out and proud like I am – though this is most likely because being queer is a big, crucial part of my identity – which I am aware will continuously be in flux -forever changing. 

So remember not to out anyone (ever), and be proud of yourself whether you are out and proud like I am, in the closet for any valid reason, or if you chose not to come out – so remember to be kind and considerate to those within the community whose experience is different to yours – as everyone’s coming out experience is unique, and that is OK

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