Other Names I considered before I settled on the name Casey!

I must start by saying that before I chose the name Casey and ditching my deadname, I actually went by a shortened of it beforehand to see if I still liked it. I must also say that if you are trans and you like your old name that’s fine, and vise Versa.  

Finally, I am aware that some of these names may seem more masculine than others – and that’s because I am a more masculine nonbinary person, so I wanted a name that was both masculine and “gender-neutral.”

Choosing a name for yourself can be a tricky process – especially since there are so many awesome names out there! So I wanted to make a list of all the named I liked before I settled on the name Casey (plus I can refer to this in the valid circumstance that I decide that Casey isn’t the name I want to go by).  Saying that you can go through as many names as you want – even if you end up liking your birthname or name you originally picked for yourself. 

I actually picked out my name on a baby naming website, so the story of how I chose my name doesn’t have any deep meaning to it (not that it makes it any less valid, of course). But nonetheless, it was something I had to think carefully about because I wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything close to my deadname, but at the same time, I wanted it to be a name that I liked – and trust me, there were a lot of names that I really liked but didn’t end up choosing! 

  • Wren (I specifically like the house wren, so naming myself after a bird I liked would have been fitting) 
  • Ezra (simply put, I like how this name sounds. Plus, it seems like a more masculine name to me) 
  • Robin (like with Wren, I also like robins, so again, naming myself after a bird I like would have been fitting) 
  • Rain (fun fact about me: my favorite sound is rain, so naming myself after a sound I like would have been cool.) 
  • Grayson (or “Gray” as a nickname – honestly I just like this name, and it was actually a really close choice between this and Casey!) 
  • Charlie (a possibly popular choice, this was another choice that came very close to being the name I chose to have!) 
  • Stag (another animal-based name, a stag refers to a male deer – which are also some of my favorite animals) 
  • Olliver (or “Ollie” as a nickname – again, this is a name that I just like for no deep reason)
  • Ashton (or “Ash” as a nickname – again, this may seem like a popular choice, but I like it because it just seems like a more masculine/gender-neutral name. This could also be a nice choice for more masculine leaning non-binary people like myself.) 

So there are all the names I like – hopefully, this will give you some names that you will use or try out! Like I mentioned before, choosing to change or not change your name is perfectly OK, just don’t tell folks to do one or the other, because that is not cool. So, in conclusion, I hope all of you love your names (whether you’ve changed them or not)! If not, that’s OK, and remember that using lots of different names is also Ok (even if you end up deciding that you liked your old name all along)

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