Happy International Nonbinary Day 2020!

This is just a quick post to say happy nonbinary day from your local nonbinary bisexual person! I started questioning my gender around 17, and I identified as a demigirl and I used she/they pronouns before realizing that I was nonbinary and that I wanted to use to they/them pronouns exclusively.

So hi! I’m Casey and I use they/them pronouns! I wanted to write another blog post for international nonbinary day because honestly, I’m pretty busy with redoing uni coursework at the moment and I need to procrastinate – that aside – I wanted to say happy international nonbinary day because nonbinary people are rad as fuck! Also, I wanted to mention the fact that I’m bi because a). it’s a big part of who I am, b). anyone, of any gender, and c). I can.

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