How would I Like to Dress in the Future?

On Monday I wrote a piece on gender identity vs gender expression, which is something I believe to be deeply personal to everyone regardless of gender identity. So how do I, a trans nonbinary person, want to express my gender going forward?

The answer is more simple than you think – generally, I want to dress the same as I currently do – i.e. wearing traditionally masculine items of clothing (e.g. flannel shirts, jeans etc). So for me, I still want to feel extremely gender neutral and androgynous, & this is the best way for me to express that (bear in mind that I’m only one person and every nonbinary person is different). Other than that, I would like to wear more dramatic pieces of clothing (e.g. floral shirts).

Furthermore, I’m still pretty certain that I want to socially transition – meaning that I want to change my name to Casey and replace “Ms” with “Mx” (Mx is basically a gender neutral title that replaces “Mr”, “Mrs” etc). Though in terms of my physical transition, Testosterone is still something I don’t want to take, & top surgery is still something I’m still unsure of.

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